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Alitu Software is a web-based simple podcast editing software for users who want fast editing of their podcasts. The software is generally a web-based tool that helps in taking raw recording and also help users in turning them into an amazing, audience-growing show. The software is amazing and it will convert and clean up users’ audio, and then save their time. The software helps the users in cleaning their audio very fast to save time and unnecessary fuss. They can also remove any type of mistakes, add their own music and add fades for extra outstanding work. The person who used this software doesn’t need any audio engineering degree in making a studio-quality show.

The software has a drag-and-drop option, and a button clicks there to get all their audios in the same single place that are for them to make their next amazing project. They also use the software’s custom episode builder and then edit to remove their clips around, trimming, cutting, and adding regular clips from their library i.e. ads, segments, intros, promos, etc., and then set up amazing sounding fades, from music to voice. The users can edit their podcasts in minutes with the software. They can easily automate the hard audio stuff and edit with simple drag and drop tools that are made for the editing of podcasts.

Alitu All the Podcast Software You Need to Create a Killer Show FREE Download!

Alitu Full Version has amazing intuitive podcasting editing tools. The tools and techniques like Slide, dice, and rearrange episodes by using simple drag and drop tools that are designed for podcasters. The users can edit their shows in minutes, not hours. They can spend their time growing their show and then cut down their editing time to minutes, not hours. They can also save their money on fees and other instruments that are using in the editing of podcasts.  The users don’t need to spend 1000$ on a studio to sound. The users can easily be done for their audio cleanup.

Alitu gives its users the features that they need for editing their podcasts. The software provides a lot of automation that are very helpful in editing purposes. The software works fantastic with the editing podcasts. The users can record their sound episodes in Alitu, with guests or solo. The process of recording with the software is not quicker. They can upload any type of audio file, then Alitu will converter these files into the same types. The software has an automatic system for cleaning and leveling by just drag-and-drop. Everyone wants a sound that they’ve got a fancy studio. So, the software Alitu you can, without the overheads and audio engineers.

Alito Podcast Editing 101: How to Edit a Podcast Via Alitu | a Beginner’s Guide

The software can automatically decrease the background noises like the sound of fans or air conditioners. It will also level up the volume of the sound. Alitu Podcast Editor is a very simple but powerful tool that helps in fixing mistakes and amazing for the editing of podcasts. The users can simply highlight the part of their audio that they want to remove and listen back to it on the fly. The software is made for podcasters who want to sound good, focus on the content, and automate the difficult parts of editing and production. The users can easily automate the hard parts and focus on growing their show.

The software has this feature, through which the users automatically clean up their audio, so their sound is crisp and clean like their favorite big studio shows. They can record short solo parts straight into Alitu. Besides these, they can upload their main content, interviews, and call recordings from the place they want. The process of doing work in the software is not quicker.

The Main Key Features of Alitu:

The main features of the software are mentioned below:

  • The software has many audio effects!
  • Sound editing tools help in editing podcasts!
  • Record episodes in software with guests or solo!
  • Robotic audio cleanup and leveling of sound!
  • Powerful tools for fixing mistakes!
  • Cutting of silences from the audio sound!
  • Polishing up of episodes!
  • Publishing of podcasts straight to hosting provider!
  • Only short recording!
  • Recording audio anywhere!

Alitu System Requirements:

The system requirements for the software are:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later Mac OS X10.1 pro!
  • Memory: 2GB RAM (Recommended 4 GB)!
  • Hard Disk Space: 120 MB (Recommended 500 MB)!

How to Download Alitu Full Version?

  • The Download Button is given below!!
  • Get the full File from here and!!
  • Install it from your PC mac!!
  • Wait for Installation!!
  • Accept all terms & conditions!!
  • The Software is installed on your system!!
  • Enjoy!!

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